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Health Reports for Jira

Is your instance growing out of control?

Get a free trial of Health Reports for Jira

Health Reports for Jira provide custom Jira reports to monitor the health of your instance and your team. These Jira health reports have been crafted to analyze issue tracking, reporting in order to identify common process and technology symptoms that hide under the surface of your software, processes or both!


Customized and automated reports will uncover what underlying systemic issues exist in your Jira instance and your team that are jeopardizing growth and scale


Easily fix issues with links to documentation for each failed metric


Regularly run the reports to monitor improvements and issues


Establish best practices in developing growth governance and guardrails

Our Approach

Check the performance of your instance & your team

Check System, Agile and Admin status reports to monitor the overall health of your Jira instance, Sprint health and how well your teams and admins are tackling and closing tickets.

Identify issues and learn easy solutions

Scan your entire Jira instance and pinpoint areas of improvement based on industry proven best practice metrics. Fix issues before it’s too late using links to our helpful documentation!

Customize and automate regular Jira check ups

Customize these automated reports to monitor what’s important to your business. Run them regularly and easily show upper management the status of projects, establishing baseline progress to highlight the value achieved.

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